Self Care Sundays

Reserved for tea, meditation, journaling, goal-setting, cleaning, relaxing, and just BEING!

I'm not a coffee girl, but I'm truly addicted to tea. I love that there's a tea for everything! I love drinking green tea with lemon to start my day and wind down with a nice herbal lavender mix. I decided to share a moment from my #SelfCareSunday enjoying lavender mint tea, tea biscuits (vegan, of course!), and Vanilla Cocomels.

I received so much love for my robe and tea set, and if you know me, I'm always down to share the deets! There are some copycat robes out there that are cheaper, but they're made with more of a crinoline/tulle material and whatever it is is not comfortable. I actually purchased a cheaper one from another company and returned it immediately! So if you want this luxurious, soft, and comfortable robe I'm wearing, click the picture of the robe. I purchased the "Dusty Rose," but they have 45 colors and feather combinations!

Now onto the tea set! Clearly I love Peacock Green and Peacock Blue or maybe you couldn't tell since it's my couch color and splashed throughout different areas of my home. I love tea sets with matching saucers, but what I particularly love about this set is the warmer base! The tea can stay hot while I watch my shows and I don't have to get up to reheat! Click the picture of the tea set to get the details. I also love the other ceramics and bottles from this seller. Click here to visit the seller's Amazon Store.

Social media has been such a struggle for me. I feel like everyone is so consumed with aesthetics and content creation, that I feel like people are missing what I feel is the point: to connect with like minds and maybe learn some things. I have a hard time posting the things I truly enjoy because they may not fit an aesthetic and I just want to be free to post what I want. I'm silly and goofy, I love different genres of music, I like a little bit of ratchetness, HBCU shade, real estate, veganism, dance, fitness, and a few bourgie things. I have recently decided to stop trying to do me and post all of these things. It's why I'm the FierceFitVeganRealtor! All of this is to explain my immense appreciation for this post. I truly appreciate that you all support me just being me and doing the things I enjoy. It feels great to be authentically me and that y'all are here for it!

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