PLANT wipes

Y'all... I'm SO proud of myself for keeping my amazing plant babies alive and thriving for almost 2 years! Only 1 didn't make it, but I didn't know that I could've brought her back to life. I made the huge mistake of wiping my dying Majesty Palm down with olive oil for shine and spraying her with some online concoction because I saw a couple plant spiders. She didn't make it because that's what I get for listening to the #innanets instead of consulting with a plant pro.

I'm still far from a plant pro, but I know a little better now! I've been doing better with my watering schedules for all 6 of my plant babies, blowing steam their way, and I've recently added these amazing plant wipes to my plant care arsenal! I love these for my larger babies and they love them too!

If you click the picture above, you'll be able to get yours too and when you do, tell me how they work out! I really love them and my plant babies do too! They're not particularly shiny and waxy-looking, so if you're looking for polishing wipes, you won't have that experience with these. These do clean off the leaves, remove water spots, and return them to their beautiful green color! I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do!

What plants do you have? Comment below!

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